3 Stunning Ways To Quickly Find Junk Cars For Sale By Owner

For junk car removal business, directly finding junk cars for sale by owner is the core business activity.

junk cars for sale by owner

If you provide junk car removal service and want to do a profitable business, then the number one priority for you is to find as many old cheap cars for sale near your service area. This way can send your price offers to a car owner. That is essential because if you can’t nail this, the rest of the process involved in your business isn’t even worth. Why? Because in junk car business it all starts having a seller sell their car to you for the price.

So the question is what you can start doing today to find old junk cars for sale near you? Here’s how to get the job done leveraging online tools and conducting proper marketing research.

Local Seller Targeting Strategy

It is essential that you focus overall junk car removal business marketing locally. That is, you must target junk car sellers within a particular city or zip code. By definition, the junk car removal business is of local nature. For you to thrive and make maximum profit, you need to source junk cars for sale by owner within a certain radius of your service area.

The more local visibility your business will have, more sellers will contact you for junk car price quote. Local sellers are constantly looking for junk car buyer near them either online or local newspapers. You can do the following to physically look for junk and unwanted cars for sale within your service area:

  1. Drive around and look for old or abandoned cars on people’s yards and driveway. Try to contact owners and ask them if they would like the cars in yards for sale. Make offer.
  2. Cut deals with local car repair shops to provide you referrals so that the junk car sellers can contact you directly for a price quote.
  3. Place “We Buy Junk Car” ads on local newspaper and yellow page to attract customers call you directly. They can also physically drop the car at your junk yard and receive cash.
  4. Maintain a database of local junk car sellers in your area and ask for referrals

Craigslist To Find Junk Cars For Sale By Owner

Junk Cars For Sale Below 500

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Craigslist is one of the channels to find scrap cars for sale under $500. However, it is not the best channel because of local of authenticity.  If caution applied, then craigslists can be a highly useful tool for marketing your junk car business by placing ads. You can also do an advanced search to find wrecked cars for sale by owner. Follow the steps to search junk vehicles for sale or owners contact your for junk car removal service near you:

  1. Go to Craigslist. Create an account and post an ad with a proper title, value proposition. Include your contact number, address. The value proposition can be “We buy junk cars@ Top Dollars,” “Free Pickup,” and “Cash on the Spot.”
  2. Make sure you select the ad category: “for sale “or “services” and sub-category: “by owner” or “automotive services.”

Social Networking

Another way you can locally look to see if anyone selling junk car is to utilize social network such a Facebook. Using Facebook, you can search for keywords such as “selling junk cars” and filter it by your zip code. On the other hand, you can post ads on Facebook marketplace about your junk car removal business so that people can locally find and contact you directly via Facebook.

Facebook niche related groups for buy and sell junk cars can also be a viable option to market your service and look for sellers selling their damaged, totaled and old scrap cars. In the last few days, we have seen many people on Facebook are posting the discussion on Facebook group asking how can I find junk yards that buy cars near me.

Thus it is easier to find junk cars for sale below $500 nowadays using online technologies for marketing your junk car business. For better results, you must always measure performance and outcome.

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