How to get online quotes for junk cars?

So, you’ve got this beat-up old jalopy that’s more rusty than a car and costly to repair. You may have thought about selling it for top dollar for a long time, but you may be wondering how to get online quotes for junk cars. 

Well, you’re in luck! Today, there are a couple of innovative ways to get cash for your clunker. Whether you prefer to sell it online or to a local junkyard, you can make money off the vehicle in no time. In this blog post, we’ll tell you who gives the best price for junk cars and provide an overview of the different methods for getting online quotes for junk cars.

online quotes for junk cars

We’ll point out the advantages and disadvantages of each option, so you can make an informed decision on choosing the best offer to get rid of your car. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions on how to list your unwanted car on our platform for free and connect with local junk car buyers near you. 

So, if you’re ready to make some money from your old clunker, let’s get started on the journey!

Different options to get online quotes for junk cars and find a top-paying buyer

1. Internet Web Search

You can look for local businesses that buy junk automobiles using Google or other search engines. The search engine will display a list of websites along with nearby listings. Then, individually visit each of the websites of junk car buyers to obtain their contact information. You can make a phone call and get pricing quotes from them. Sometimes on their website & local business, there is an online form you can fill up with your vehicle information and get some vague computer-generated instant quote.


  1. You may receive a prompt reply from their websites
  2. Utilising the keyword on Google, it is simple to local cash for cars buyers
  3. Directly contact interested parties over the phone and cash for cars online


  1. Difficult to find and verify well-reputed local junk car buyers as there are no real reviews
  2. It involves the hassle of making calls and filling out identical forms on each website
  3. It involves the hassle of making calls and filling out an identical form on each website
  4. You might not receive the best deals because these websites and buyers occasionally work for the same company
  5. The online quote form generates and gives you an instant price that is not real

2. Online Business Listing/ Directory sites

Online business listing sites such as Yelp, the Yellow Book, and Google My Business are a way to find someone who buys unwanted old cars and get a price quote. You can go to these sites and search by category and location. If you search for unwanted cars in any condition, you may find a list of businesses that buy them.


  1. Get on the phone as soon as possible and request a price quote for junk cars
  2. There are reviews, and you can choose the best local buyer for buy a junk car


  1. Buyers may not provide service in your area
  2. They may charge a towing fee since they are not within a 5- to 10-mile radius

3. Classified Ad Posting Sites

The third option to find buyers for your junk car and get top-dollar quotes is to list your car on classified ad posting sites like Craigslist and expect some local buyers to see it. A local buyer will come across your ad and call you with their offer for buy your junk car.


  • Easily list your car information as an ad in classified ad posting sites
  • There are directories by geographical location


  • Classified ad posting sites charge for a listing fee.
  • You may not get calls or emails with a price quote
  • Users are not verified and trustworthy this is a big problem.

4. Various Social Media Platform

The fourth option to get an online quote and sell your junk car is to utilize various social media platforms. It is very easy to find buyer. You can join various social groups related to buying and selling junk cars. Post your car maintain there rules, and expect that post to be shared and commented on social media. Someone may even give you a price offer for buy your junk car.


  • Social media platform have a Large Audience network
  • You can easily connect with prospective local junk car buyers through social media engagement and sharing


  • Junk car buyers may not be local to your area. Its a big problem.
  • The buyer may charge for towing and car removal
  • You may not get a fair price since you cannot do a price comparison

5. Auction Sites For Online Quotes For Junk Cars

You can take a look at a few car auction websites, including Automotive Recyclers Association, Copart, eRepairables, IAAI, etc. You can enter the auction by listing your car and having interested parties bid on it. This way, you can get multiple online quotes for your junk car.


  • Sites are chosen explicitly for auto auctions and recyclers
  • Monitoring and highly regulated platform


  • Its a Complicated registration system and listing process
  • The listing fee is too expensive & high
  • Cars listed on these sites are mainly accident-damaged and salvage cars
  • Some website charge an extra fee for each online quote for junk cars received

6. Online Marketplace websites For Junk Car Removal Service

A two-sided online marketplace for junk cars, such as our platform, PickupmyJunkCar, allows you to get rid of junk cars for top dollar. With PickupMyJunkCar, you can directly connect with well-reputed local buyers who only buy junk cars and trucks in your closest proximity. The platform curates vested junk car removal companies that want to haul away your cars for free and pay you top dollar for them. So, it is a great platform where you can quickly list your car and get quotes for junk cars from only local junk car buyers.


  • Hyper-targeted audience buying junk cars for sale
  • Highly reviewed and vested junk car buyer community lives
  • One-stop platform to collect and compare online quotes for junk cars
  • All registered local junk car buyers go through an approval process
  • There is no car listing fee Its totally free
  • Sellers have a dashboard to manage to list Their Buy sell
  • Sellers get notified when a new online quote is received its a super advantage
  • Sellers can compare offers, and reviews and schedule junk cars for removal
  • Sellers can directly interact with prospective junk car buyers through the messaging system


  • As of today, we do not have any mobile apps to list and manage
  • You have to log in to our web-based portal to check and compare online quotes
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Receive online quotes for junk cars

Pickup My Junk Car connects you to the network of local junk car buyer who gives the best price for your car. To get an online offer for junk cars through our platform, you need to follow the below steps:

1. Sign Up As a Seller For Free

Get Rid Of Your Junk-Car

2. List to get online quotes for junk cars

  • Sign in to your account from our website
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click the ” List Your Car” button for your information
  • From the “List Your Car” screen, you can enter all required car information

cash for cars online quote

For improved visibility, try to attach and upload three car photos. You can take pictures of your car’s front, side, and rear. Photos may clear & High resolution for better visibilty.

3. Local Buyer Gets Notification from our platform

All local junk car buyers in our network who are willing to buy vehicles within a 5-mile radius of your zip code will receive requests for quotes from our platform. In this manner, they can check your car’s details and make you online offers for your scrap car.

4. New Buyer Quote Notification

You will receive an email notification each time a local buyer sends online quotes for junk cars from our platform. You can view offers by logging into your account Dashboard this way. All of the offers that you have received from potential buyers may be compared in one place. Through our Instant messenger service, you can send direct messages to any potential buyers. This is the most effective way to receive an online quote for your unwanted cars and can help you make a good decision to get a fair price.

Who gives the best price for junk cars?

The following individuals or businesses buy and offer the best price for junk cars:

  • Full-Service Junkyard
  • Local Junk Car Buyer
  • Used Car Dealership
  • Scrap Processor
  • Automotive Recyclers
  • Auction

To receive price quotes for your clunker, you must locate and establish contact with those who buy junk vehicles. Make sure they offer service in your area before approaching one of them. You also need to contact a couple of them to get offers so that you can compare them and choose the one that is paying you the most for your car.

In conclusion, obtaining online quotes for junk cars doesn’t have to be a challenging procedure. You may easily get an accurate and fair price for your junk car by doing your homework, verifying that the local junk car buyer is reliable, and taking the time to answer all of the questions about your vehicle on our platform. You might start looking for a new car or invest with the proceeds from selling your old one. Obtaining an online quotation is an excellent way to begin the process, regardless of how you intend to use the money.

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