Helping people junking a car is all we are about

A car which has reached it end-of-life can still make people earn an impressive amount of cash. If you thought no one buys junk cars near me, think again. They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Pickup My Junk Car is an online marketplace for junk car removal service and a platform to buy and sell your junk cars for cash in the USA. We focus on changing the game in the junk car removal market by improving the way junk car buyers and sellers connect for junking a car. was born out of a passion for making the process of scrapping a car more efficient by connecting the right sellers to the local junk car buyers delivering a savvy and streamlined system. Junk car removal in the USA is an underserved area. By filling the need for a more efficient way of bridging the inherent gaps in this particular buyer-seller relationship, we enhance everyone’s ability to buy and sell damaged cars in the USA.


Sellers can:


  • connect with junk car buyers and removal companies who buys junk cars in the USA
  • receive offers and deals from all interested local buyers in one platform
  • feel confident knowing they will be receiving cash for junking their cars
  • schedule junk car removal with the highest paying buyers and get rid of their junk car in no time


Buyers  will:


  • find junk cars for sale near their service area
  • be able to research customized listings for junk car removal in America
  • set E-mail alerts to receive personalized car listings in their targeted areas,
  • have a means to send pricing offers directly to sellers you connect with and
  • schedule car removal


Pickup My Junk Car is an ideal place to post junk cars and get price offers from multiple junk car dealers, compare offers, read reviews and make appointments with the best junk car dealer nearby for junk car removal. Junking a car for maximum cash has been made effortless.