Buying and Selling junk cars for sale made simple

How It Works ?


Become a registered buyer

Avoid driving around the neighborhood to look for old junk cars for sale or placing yard signs around your area ” We buy Junk Cars”. Just create a free buyer account with us, update your profile, set email alerts to be notified of fresh cars listings near your service area.


Browse Junk Car For Sale Listings

Browse through available old used junk cars for pickup. We promote our marketplace to sellers nationwide. No more nailing those signs, flyers and billboards to street poles at busy traffic points. Those are likely to be removed by the authority. We will bring the junk car sellers to your for free.


Make Offer

Find the old used or junk car you wish to buy for cash and send your offer directly to the seller using our system.


Schedule Pickup

Once you send your price quote, the seller shall receive an email notification via our system. The seller can review it and may reply you back with any questions. You can also schedule pickup when seller sends you pickup request.


Junk Car Removal

You can receive the pickup request from the seller and can schedule pickup date and time with the seller. You will receive the seller’s contact information.



Post your old junk car

That’s actually very simple and takes few minutes. At the top of the homepage, there is a box to post junkcars. All you have to do is provide some information about your car and yourself. Your car is then added to our database so that relevant buyers can see it, ask you questions, and reply you back with their offers. You can also signup as seller and post cars for free. Your personal information will be kept private and secured. We will connect you with the people who buys junk cars in United States.


Receive Offers

Within a few minutes or hours, you may start receiving questions and offer from interested junk car buyers through our safe and secure notification and messaging system. In order to increase the chances of selling your old junk car for the maximum price, get as many offers as possible from different buyers. This will help you


Schedule Removal

Once you choose the best offer and the buyer of your choice you can then accept the buyer’s offer and send schedule request through our system. An email notification will be sent to the buyer. Buyer can then schedule a date and a time to come to the car location for pickup and pay cash


Get Paid

Currently, you receive direct payment from the Buyer in cash.