What types of junk cars I can sell?

PickupMyJunkCar is the ultimate online marketplace to get rid of junk or unwanted cars in any condition and location in the USA for top dollars. Here’s a glimpse of the types of junk cars I can sell to local junk car buyers using Pickup My Junk Car:

1. Salvage Cars:

Salvage cars often end up in scrapyards, but not anymore! We’re here to revolutionize the market. List your salvage cars on PickupMyJunkCar and attract buyers who appreciate the opportunity to salvage and repurpose parts, giving these cars a new lease on life.

2. Wrecked Cars:

When a car has been involved in a collision, it doesn’t mean it has become non-roadworthy. Sell your wrecked cars on our platform, where savvy buyers see beyond the damage and envision the possibilities of repair or part extraction.

3. Totaled Cars:

A total loss doesn’t have to mean a total disappointment. Our marketplace is the perfect destination for your totaled cars. Connect with buyers who specialize in rebuilding, repurposing, or responsibly recycling these vehicles.

4. Too Expensive to Repair Cars:

When the cost of repairs outweighs the value, it’s time to explore other options. Our marketplace welcomes cars that are deemed too expensive to repair, offering you a chance to find buyers who specialize in parting out or repurposing these vehicles.

5. Old Used Cars:

Even if your car has seen better days and seems outdated, there’s still hope! Our platform attracts buyers who appreciate the charm of vintage vehicles or seek cost-effective solutions for their transportation needs.

At PickupMyJunkCar, we believe every car has a story to tell and value to offer. No matter the condition, we connect you with buyers who see the potential and are ready to turn your junk cars into valuable assets.

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